A. ADMIN Account

1) What is the difference between the user account and ADMIN account?

The user account and ADMIN account share a single ID. However, they are distinguished by logging in with a different password and by checking ‘ADMIN SIGN IN’ on the sign in page. With the user account, multiple users can log-in with the same ID and password simultaneously to manage any space. Please note that only 1 person can manage 1 space at a time.

Furthermore, with a user account, if one user wants to manage more than one space, they must sign out and re-login to select the next space to manage.

However, with an ADMIN account, one user can manage multiple spaces more easily. If you login using the ADMIN password, a drop down menu of spaces will show up. The user can simply select which space they want to manage from this drop down menu.


2) What authorities does the ADMIN account have?

With the ADMIN account, you can edit the music and announcements for the desired space using the drop-down menu. Scheduling activity using the ADMIN account will not affect the play/stop status of music in any space. The schedule modified by ADMIN will take into effect right after the current track is finished playing.

Also, from the ‘ADMIN’ page in settings, you can forcibly stop the music from any space by clicking ‘LOGOUT’ for each space under the ‘SPACE MANAGEMENT’ tab.

You can modify the user information under the ‘ACCOUNT’ tab in the ‘ADMIN’ page in settings.

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