B. PHM Player

1) What is ‘Promotion’?

‘Promotion’ is the function for broadcasting announcements such as welcome greetings, information notices, etc. The ‘Promotions’ provided by PHM are frequently-used hotel announcements that are pre-recorded by a professional announcer. You can select the gender of voice and the language as well.


2) What is ‘Imported’?

With the ‘Imported’ function, you can broadcast and manage your own audio files.


3) What kind of files can be uploaded via ‘Imported’?

We only support the following specifications:


Under 10min

File Size

Up to 30MB




4) Music and promotions do not play following the schedule I configured. How can I fix it?

Please check your PC’s time configuration.

  •  Windows


Control Panel-> Date and Time


  • MacOS


Apple Menu -> System Configuration -> Date and Time

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