A. Introduction

PHM Executive Summary.png

1) What is PHM?

PHM is a music streaming service that plays a selection of professionally curated music to befit each hotel brand and space concept.


2) Why use PHM?

PHM makes playing music for multiple spaces easy with an intuitive UI that anyone can operate. PHM features a comprehensive library of 100 music channels, each of which contains approximately 200 tracks. Every track has been precisely selected by professional musicians based on the genre, tempo, theme and channels are updated on a weekly basis.


3) How does PHM work?

Simply select the space and the style of music you want to play, and PHM will automatically set up a schedule of customized or AI-selected channels. From here, you can add new channels and change the schedule of each channel as needed. Also, you can broadcast announcements such as welcome greetings and promotion messages with PHM’s pre-recorded announcements or add your own announcements into PHM.

Each space within the hotel can be controlled individually with a user account while the music and announcements of all spaces can be managed by an ADMIN account as well.


4) Copyright


PHM has music licensing relationships with more than 5,300 artists and music labels worldwide. PHM’s license includes streaming rights and performance rights worldwide, and is a license for commercial use. Therefore, you do not have to pay a separate copyright fee to worldwide copyright associations (ASCAP, BUMA, etc.)

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