B. Music and Curation


PHM consists of classical, jazz, new age, pop, electronic, seasonal and world music genres, each of which is made up of sub-genres. Each sub-genre is categorized into fast, medium and slow speeds. And sub-genres are also divided according to the presence or absence of lyrics.

[PHM’s Channel List]
Collection of Music for an outdoor Garden in the Morning

Channel Description
Classic Piano Collection of Classic Piano Music
Light Classic Collection of Light Classical Music
Relaxed Classic Collection of Relaxed Classical Music
Light Newage Collection of Light New Age Music
Relaxed Newage Collection of Relaxed New Age Music
Light Jazz Collection of Fast tempo Jazz Music
Relaxed Jazz Collection of Relaxed Jazz Music
Fusion Jazz Collection of Fusion Jazz Music
Latin Jazz Collection of Latin-Style Jazz Music
Pop Rock Collection of Pop-Rock Music
RnB Collection of RnB-Pop Music
Acoustic Pop Collection of Acoustic Pop Music
Blues Collection of Country & Blues Pop
Pop Dance Collection of Exciting Pop Dance Music
Soft Electronic Collection of Soft Electronic Music
Hard Electronic Collection of Exciting Electronic Sound
Electronic Lounge Collection of Lounge Electronic Music
Nature Sound Sounds from Nature
Uptempo Kids Collection of Light Music for Children
Midtempo Kids Collection of Relaxed Music for Children
Romantic Valentine Lovely and Romantic Music
Light Chirstmas Pop Exciting Christmas Music
Relaxed Chirstmas Pop Relaxed Christmas Music
Light Chirstmas Jazz Cheerful Christmas Jazz Instrumentals
Relaxed Chirstmas Jazz Soft Christmas Jazz Instrumentals
World Collection of World Music
Chinese Collection of Chinese Music
Japanese Collection of Japanese Music
French Collection of French Music
Italian Collection of Italian Music
Rainy Day Music for a Rainy day
Summer Special Cool & Vibrant Summer Collection
Autumn Essential Breezy Autumn Collection
Winter is Coming Cozy Warm Winter Collection
Sunshine Wave Bright & Cheerful for Sunny Days
Contemporary Contemporary Music for a Modern Interior
Gentle Collection of Warm & Soft Music
Calming Soothing Music
Elegant Graceful and Elegant Music
Nature Comfortable Music for a Nature Inspired Interior
Focus Music Collection for Concentration
Lounge Night Music Collection for an Alluring Evening
Breezy Music Collection for Breezy Outdoors
Breezy Night Music Collection for Breezy Outdoors at Night
Luxurious Classy Music for Luxurious Venues
Luxurious Night Classy Music for Luxurious Venues at Night
Relaxing Calming Music for Relaxation
Relaxing Night Calming Music for Relaxation at Night
Fresh Morning Bright Music for a Refreshing Morning
Active Night Light Music for an Active Evening
Infinite Pool Upbeat Music for the Poolside
Energetic Powerful and Upbeat Electronic Music
Trendy Stylish Pop Collection
Modern Sensual Modern Style Music
Cosy Calm and Sophisticated Music for Comfortable Venues
Peaceful Comfortable Simple Melodies
Peaceful Evening Simple Melodies for the Evening
Tranquil Calm Atmospheric Music
Floral Collection of Music for an Outdoor Garden
Floral Morning Collection of Music for an outdoor Garden in the Morning
Soft Evening Acoustic Music for Evening Relaxation
Sweet Music for a Romantic Atmosphere
Calm Night Quiet and Tranquil Music for the Night
Smooth Night Soft Music for Night
Chic Sophisticated Urban Music
Happy & Bright Bright Music for a Family Atmosphere
Forest Tranquil Music for a Green Environment
Outdoor Light Music for Suitable for Outdoor Activities
Wedding Luxurious Classical Music for Celebrations
Uptempo Parking Lot Light Music for the Parking Lot
Midtempo Parking Lot Calm Music for the Parking Lot
Nature Classic Beautiful Mix of Nature Sounds and Classical Music

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