C. Music Selection

1) Are there restrictions as to which music genres can be played in each space of the hotel?

No, there are no limits to the music genres you can play. PHM basically provides appropriate music channels according to the hotel’s style and the space & time music is played. If you want to change the music genre, you can add other channels through the ‘BROWSE’ tab in the PHM player.


2) There is music that does not suit the location and style of the hotel. Is it possible to selectively delete this music?

Yes, it‘s possible. You can delete it by clicking the ‘delete‘ button on the Track List. However, deleted music will be permanently deleted from the channel and cannot be added again.


3) How frequently is the music changed?

The tracks in each channel is updated once a week.


4)  How is music selected?

Music selection is done by music experts, while inappropriate music is deleted through our AI system.


5) Is it possible to set music for weddings and other special events?

Yes, it’s possible. Please follow below steps.

  • Click ‘ADD’ on the CHOOSE YOUR SPACE page
  • Select ‘Banquet Hall’ or ‘Wedding Hall’ in ADD YOUR SPACE

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