C. Positive Effect of Hotel Music

1) Brand

Music has powerfully positive psychological and sociological effects. Hotel music services can help hotels gain a competitive edge in the market by using music as an expression of brand identity and method of brand differentiation. PHM‘s professional music curators carefully select music to suit the hotel’s style, as well as the space and time the music is played, in order to create a unique brand identity for each hotel.


2) Productivity

Music is an emotionally and environmentally important factor for guests as well as employees who share the same space. For employees, music can play an important role in reducing tension and fatigue. And naturally, employee productivity can be improved.


3) Guests

Music can influence interactions to be more positive, give the perception of shorter wait times and improve customer satisfaction. PHM’s appropriate selection of calming background music can facilitate positive interactions between customer and staff and help shorten customers’ perception of latency while waiting for service. Because music has a direct influence on people’s emotions, PHM conducts constant research on music selection that can maximize pleasure for customers.

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