D. Price Plan

1) Q. What is the price plan for the PHM player?


PHM has 3 price plans: BASIC, STANDARD, PREMIUM

  • Space: This is the number of spaces in which music can be played.
  • AI Curated Playlist Support: Every price plan provides playlists curated by AI and professional artists
  • All Copyright Inclusive: Our monthly price plans are ALL inclusive of any type of music royalty charges including(or waive) performance rights fees. We deal with all copyright issues and costs that incur.
  • Promotional Announcement Support: PHM provides pre-recorded broadcasting announcements. Our professional announcers record greetings and other messages for your hotel, available in several languages.
  • Import Your Own Audio: You can import your own audio files into the PHM Player.


2) What does each price plan include and what are the prices?

  • BASIC PLAN: $19.99/month; Plays music in 1 space; Promotion & Imported functions are not included
  • STANDARD PLAN: $48.97/month; Plays music in 3 spaces; Includes 3 Promotions & 3 Imported files
  • PREMIUM PLAN: $124.90/month; Plays music in 9 spaces; Unlimited Promotion & 30 Imported files


3) How can I make the payment?

Select the plan you want and go through the following steps for payment. We process all payments via PayPal. Payment will be automatically charged monthly.


4) How can I fix problems with PayPal payment?

Please check that all information inserted in PHM is identical to your PayPal account information. If you are still having problems, you man find detailed solutions on the PayPal website.

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