Let Us Save You Both Time and Money!

When you are looking at licensing music for your hotel you will have to take into consideration two different options.

  1. Use licensed music through PROs (i.e. ASCAP/BMI/SESAC)
  2. Use exempt music through Play Hotel Music

If you are still deciding take a read through this post to see what the differences in payments would be like.


Licensed PRO Music

When calculating your rates for ASCAP, BMI and SESAC ( you would probably have to get licenses from all three PROs to be on the safe side) usually take into consideration the size of your hotel and other factors such as live music, or cover charges.

The main fee will involve the size of the hotel and that is calculated by the number of rooms. This ranges between  $378 to $1,383 yearly.

Let’s say your hotel has around 190 rooms (the average for US hotels in 2017).

That means for all three PROs you are looking at a yearly fee of around $1,300.

This is also not including any service fee you would have to pay your background music provider. Which would actually bring the total fee to around $1,600 ($30 p/m average fee).

Play Hotel Music

Play Hotel Music gives you access to music we have licensed directly from artists who have decided not to license their PROs and have opted for an alternative royalty model through us.

What this means is that you only have to pay one simple fee to us, and we will do the rest in making sure artists are fairly compensated.

Play Hotel Music has a wide range of plans suitable for all hotels

In addition to saving you headaches of dealing with invoicing and reporting with up to four different organisations for your music, you can actually save up to $1,360 per year with our Basic Plan.




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