Tips For A Great Hotel Service

Being able to provide the best amenities shouldn’t stop you from looking for different ways to improve your hotel service. Improvements do not have to be grand or expensive, it can be the simplest and personalized way that your guest may feel more at home with you.

Here are 5 simple tips for a great hotel service:

1. Mobile-friendly Website


The average person is on their phones for hours a day. So, it makes sense that you create a mobile friendly interface for all of your guests. Make you guests booking much easier with a mobile-free website. In this way, they don’t have to go through all the trouble of opening up their laptop to access your website. Offer visually appealing photos so they may have an idea what it’s like to be in your hotel.

2. Setting Customer Expectations


You have to set the right customer expectations so you can avoid guests who feel like they have been cheated out of a deal and leave bad reviews in your website. Being able to set expectations mean that you’ll be able to easily satisfy and meet their needs. Don’t oversell and undersell your hotel. Be honest with your guests and give them realistic expectations, and make sure you can reach these expectations

3. Reflecting on Customer Feedback


Asking for customer feedback and being able to tailor your decisions for future improvements would be appreciated by new and previous guests. This will show them that you really take the time to read their feedback. And, it also ensure your guests that improvements will be made where it is needed so that your guests are more enticed to return.

4. Personalized Service


You can reach out to your guest via social media after they make their booking or you can also personalize their stay by including questions on their booking forms to gather more information about your guests to know what their preferences are and if they are more of an adventure buff or an indoor person so you can easily recommend them places they could visit based on their personality.

5. Readiness for Availability


Don’t make your guests feel like you’re too busy to entertain them. Let them know that you are available to help them at any time of the day. Make sure that there are always staff ready to entertain guests at all given amenities.


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