How Music Affects the Palette

Having a quiet space is beneficial for everybody, especially for those who are seeking peace and relaxation. However, there are spaces with different intentions and adding background music to create the appropriate atmosphere is more effective as oppose to having no music at all. 

The spa, for example, is where people go to unwind. It was mentioned earlier that being in a serene area are for those people who want to relax, but imagine not having music in this closed space. This will just make your guests uncomfortable and they might not even enjoy their spa experience. Just having a subtle classical music playing in the background will help guests relax and lighten their mood versus a completely quiet room.   

All spaces have different functions and our senses immediately adapts to what is being presented in front of us. Now imagine, dining in one of the finest restaurants in your hotel with a top-notch chef and five-star food but found yourself not being able to enjoy your meal as the room is simply devoid of music; all you hear are murmurs and conversations of other guests in the restaurant.  

Your guests might not be encouraged to stay and quickly leave after having their meal. Now what would happen if we add in a slow tempo music in the background that does not necessary overpower the noise in the restaurant enough for you to enjoy a conversation with a partner of a friend? You’ll be able to set the perfect mood for this space so that your guests can enjoy their meal and even order a second serving.  

If music can affect a person’s mood, it can also affect their palette. How?   

In an article written by Elizabeth Shockman in, Dan Pashman stated that “Research shows that when you’re surrounded by very high decibel level, your taste perception goes down. So loud music means the food will have less flavor.”  

This shows how much music, even the volume it’s being played at, can affect the taste of food. Before creating a playlist for your hotel’s restaurant, you have to think about the best way your guest can enjoy their food and the atmosphere. This technique can also help boost your business as guests will be encouraged to stay longer and order more from the menu.  

Another article from states that, “researchers found that emotional foods, such as chocolate were rated as better tasting when music was playing. Non-emotional foods, for instance bell peppers, were not affected. They found that music genre was of influence as well. Jazz music showed a greater effect in this venue than classical, rock and hiphop did.”   

You also have to keep in mind the theme of your restaurant; if it’s a place where you want your guests to experience fine dining or have a more relaxed vibe. Music is one of the crucial things to think about if you want to create the perfect mood for your restaurant. You have to carefully choose if your playlist will fit the atmosphere you want to create.   

For example, if you have a modern-themed restaurant, you might want to have upbeat music playing in the background.  

roman-bozhko-OXXsAafHDeo-unsplash.jpg PHM Sample Music

However, if your restaurant is leaning more into a refined cuisine-themed, then a soft, classical music should be playing.  

nadia-valko-0hAdietsUrE-unsplash.jpgPHM Sample Music


You have to also be aware of the time before you press play. Playing something fast and loud in the morning might unnecessarily stress your guests and they might leave your restaurant in a hurry. Take into consideration that mornings and evenings might be the time where people want to relax and enjoy their meal. Always play music appropriate to your restaurant’s theme and goals.  

With Play Hotel Music’s curated music, you can be assured that the playlist we have will generate the ambiance that you have envisioned for your hotel. We’ve created these playlists with your hotel in mind and have carefully chosen music that would elevate the hotel experience. 

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