Nature Hotels

Wondering where to go to unwind and get away from the city? Want to get away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city? Pack your bags and experience nature’s best at  these hotels:

Free Spirit Spheres

1.jpgImage Source: Free Spirit Spheres

Ever wondered what it would feel like to sleep on the trees? Free Spirit Spheres offers just this kind of experience! Found in British Columbia, Canada, experience a one-of-a-kind getaway with nature. Free Spirit Spheres were designed for people to re-connect with nature without disturbing the original condition of the forest. Despite its initial goal and theme, each sphere has its own built in heater, bed, and a welcome snack basket.

Keep in mind that since the spheres were made for guests to commune with nature, bathrooms aren’t included in the spheres. Instead, there is a composting toilet outhouse at the bottom of the spheres.


The Broadmoor Cloud Camp

2.jpgImage Source: The Broadmoor Cloud Camp

An unobstructed 360-degree view of the Pike Peak in Colorado, The Broadmoor Cloud Camp is the perfect luxurious getaway for you and your loved ones. The adventure starts at how to get to the actual camp: By riding an SUV or a mule, or if you’re more venturesome, a three-hour hike from the Will Roger’s Shrine of the Sun up to the camp.

Various activities in this camp includes hiking trails, mule rides, disc golf, and yoga that you can enjoy by yourself or with company. In the evening, you can relax and enjoy s’mores by the campfire under the clear starry skies.


Orca Island Cabins 

3.jpgImage Source: Orca Island Cabins

Enjoy Alaska’s picturesque beauty at Orca Island Cabins. Get a closer look at wilderness with numerous activities such as Sea Kayaking, Hiking, Fishing, Stand Up Paddleboarding and Bay Cruise. There is also an art gallery for you to enjoy for a more low-key adventure that features various paintings from a resident.

Each yurt in the island is fully equipped with a kitchen, private bathroom with running water and a private deck where you can sit back and watch the sunrise and sunset. The yurts have overhead domes that lets a copious amount of natural light in.


Sapulidi Sawah Cafe, Resort & Gallery

4.jpgImage Source: Sapulidi Sawah Cafe

Be surrounded by the lush green nature and sleep by the lake at this resort. There are over 25 rooms in 4 different types: Suite Room, Suite Lake Room, Executive Room, and President Room. One of the activities to enjoy is getting in on a wooden boat and row through the breathtaking scenery. The huts also light up at night which enhances the beautiful ambiance of the resort.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort 

1.jpgImage Source: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

If you’re a winter child and would love to get a glimpse of the iconic northern lights, then this arctic resort might be just what you’re looking for. They offer several types of room you can choose, from glass igloos, to log chalets, to snow igloos and many more. This resort offers different activities for each season and enjoy their offered amenities.

This resort can be found at the edge of the wilderness, along the road of the Arctic Sea. Kakslauttanen’s surrounding environment is one of the cleanest in the world that you can directly drink from the streams to quench your thirst.

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