Lobby Music: Which One Fits Your Hotel?

Still unsure of what the best music to play for your hotel’s lobby? Always keep in mind the theme of your hotel and the type of ambiance you want to create for your guests.  

Here are five music to consider for your lobby: 


adam-muise-JVriixzDXk0-unsplash.jpg PHM SAMPLE MUSIC

If you have a modern but classy type of hotel then this will be the perfect music to welcome your guests, especially if you’re greeting them early in the morning. It’s soft enough to be enjoyed casually without making them feel too sleepy.


herry-sutanto-_nNm7W-gE7w-unsplash.jpgPHM SAMPLE MUSIC

If you want to create a cleaner ambiance without losing the feeling of vibrancy for your space, then you’ve chosen the right music for your lobby. This will make our guests feel like they are in a high-class hotel without necessarily feeling too stiff to enjoy the atmosphere.

This type of music was made to make your guests feel more at home and comfortable in your hotel.


mar-ko-pQ5hSOrkYgE-unsplash.jpgPHM SAMPLE MUSIC

You can choose to play this modern infused jazz track if you want a more upbeat type of music to welcome your guests. This music is perfect especially for a hotel that has a modern feel but does not want to lose the warmth that the space is offering.

It is filled with riff and beats that you just can’t help but tap your feet to it. It is definitely the right kind of music for a great time while still keeping the feel very classy.


michael-glass-POKM7TN9_48-unsplash.jpgPHM SAMPLE MUSIC

This type of music is perfect for a classical-themed hotel. Especially if part of the inclusions of your hotel are art pieces on display they can freely look at. This track will make them feel like they’ve stepped into an art gallery and hotel all rolled into one.


darren-nunis-bnyBRbhpmeI-unsplash.jpgPHM SAMPLE MUSIC


Bring color to your hotel’s lobby with this music. This will bring a more upbeat and fun vibe to your lobby especially if you have a resort-themed hotel. Having this type of ambiance might give your guests the energy burst they needed and encourage them more to explore your hotel or resort instead of immediately staying in their room to rest.

Found the right music for your space?

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