Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight

Is guest satisfaction enough to gain customer loyalty? Tending to your guests needs and providing them with the utmost care might give your hotel raving reviews; however, this should not stop you from making an alternative approach to gain customer delight.

What is customer delight?

Customer delight is having an emotional level of communication with your guests to appeal to their needs beyond their basic requests. The ultimate goal is to invoke a positive response that can convert to customer loyalty.

How will you achieve this level of communication? Here are some tips to turn your guest satisfaction to guest delight:

1. Offering warm welcome and unadulterated friendliness. Customers will be able to feel if you are genuine with your service. It is important to make your guests feel “special” from the get go so they may start to enjoy their stay at your hotel.

2. Taking responsibility. Recognize the role you’re given and perform to the utmost professional responsibility. In this way, you’ll be able to do your tasks smoothly even through setbacks. This will surely go unnoticed by your guests.

3. Providing solutions. View every problem you’ve encountered with your staff especially with your guests an opportunity to provide them a better service. Do not leave a problem hanging always provide a solution for it.

4. Community building. Create a safe group or community wherein your guests would feel belonged and welcome. Make them feel that the space you’ve made for them is safe for providing any type of feedback for your service.

5. Customer feedback. Nothing beats customer service than being able to follow through with your guests’ feedback. Guests who’ve seen their feedback being used to improve your services will make them feel important.
Your customers are not merely guests. Remember that the goal is to make them feel welcome. Good impression and good service can equal the most memorable of stays from them.

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