Evolution of Hotel Music

There has always been music – even in hotels. It served as more of a background noise and a filler rather than creating an ambient mood that will attract more guests and make them want to stay longer or even return. Hotel music before was an afterthought; it wasn’t deemed as important as it was now.

Hotel customer service has been evolving overtime – from booking your rooms via telephone to simply clicking a button of your phone within seconds. Music evolved along with these changes and started to become a more important part of a hotel.   



Branded CD’s and radio channels were used to infuse the hotel’s identity by selling these and accessing it through an app, respectively. This allowed the guests to “take home” their experiences with the hotel and extend the hotel’s brand up to the comfort of their home. This also served as a reminder of any positive experiences they might have with the hotel and might encourage them to come back the next time.   

However, as technology began to modernize, so did the hotels. With the need to be kept up-to-date with the latest trend, changes were constantly done. Music systems began their upgrades in order to accommodate staffs to a more convenient service so they don’t have to spend all the time changing CD’s after CD’s when they can just as easily stream music and change playlists with a simple click of a button. There was no need for them to leave their stations as they can operate the hotel’s music from where they were.   



Streaming has made music more accessible to everybody. You do not have to purchase a cd just to play one song from it. When you sign up to a subscription service, everything is literally a press of a button away. Whether it’s for your lobby, restaurant, spa, or gym, there is already a playlist constructed specifically for these spaces. The best part about a streaming service is that you can easily customize your playlist to the desired ambiance you want to create for your spaces.  

Play Hotel Music’s system is web-based, which is easier to access as you only need to log in to your account to be able to make real time changes to your playlists. Not only that, but with our streaming service, you’ll have access to over 850,000 tracks spanning from a wide variety of genres and artists. So, if you’d prefer to have instrumental tracks for your spaces over lyrical ones, they are readily available at our music library. 


You might be wondering that with the amount of music in our library, would that also mean that you have to pay an additional amount to Performing Rights Organizations?  

The quick answer to this question is: No.  

There are no additional payments as we have a direct licensing to our artists. There’s no need to worry about music licensing, as you only have to pay ONE fee to us while we take care of the rest, such as providing a fair compensation for our artists.  


It’s important to create an atmosphere where your guests can become comfortable and have the full experience from the moment they step through the doors of your hotel. 

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