Contemporary Vs. Classical

Classics are called classics for a reason. They are beloved by everybody and have stood the test of time. But as much as we love the classics, it never hurts to play something more contemporary and modern. It all depends on what type of vibe you are going for. Both classic and contemporary music are great to play for you facilities, but they are quite different and are made to give off a very specific ambiance. 

Make sure you know the difference between contemporary and classic music so that you know which one to play for your hotel. 

Here are examples: 



DeBussy’s Arabesque is a classical piano music that has a gentle and subtle melody. This type of music can be played in a space where you want your guests to feel calm and relaxed. This can be your welcoming music in your lobby, spa, or even your hotel’s restaurant.  


For the spa area, you can choose to have this music played all day as this space was meant for guests to relax at any given time. Unlike the restaurant, this can be played during the evenings where guests can enjoy the end of their day with a subtle music in the background. 



Ne-Yo’s Push Back is an obvious contrast with Debussy’s classical Arabesque and you might not think that this is an appropriate music to play at any space in your hotel. It is true that this type of music can be too loud or cause more discomfort in a space where guests are meant to do business or relax, but what about a space where your guests need to keep awake? Spaces such as the gym or bar are the perfect areas where you can play this genre. 


You can play contemporary songs like this at the gym anytime of the day as this space was meant for guests to feel energized and motivated for their workouts. Upbeat music is needed for this space to create the right ambiance for the guests. 

Depending on the type of ambiance you want to set up at your bar, you can either play a more relaxed contemporary songs or upbeat songs as well. 


Play Hotel Music can give you access to over 5,000 artist all over the world and 850,000 tracks you can easily chose from that will fit your hotel’s theme and ambiance. You might be thinking that you might pay additional fees to multiple PROs with the wide range of music and the quick answer to that is no. Play Hotel Music has direct agreements to our artists who have opted for an alternative music licensing. So you can be rest assured that while we provide you top quality music, our artists are being fairly compensated as well. 

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