Why Play Hotel Music

Music is a huge part of life. Everywhere we go, there is music playing somewhere in the background, or a person listening from their earphones. Even the simple sound of traffic can be considered as music. So, its not surprising that music is also an important part of a hotel. You might think that this isn’t really an important feature and more of an after-thought however, music can help set the tone of the atmosphere. Depending on the space, your guests might feel uncomfortable if it’s too quiet. You would want them to feel welcomed and relaxed the moment they step through your doors. 

How can music make them comfortable when a concierge or a hotel staff can take care of them, you might ask. Yes, this can also help your guests settle down but what if there’s a long line of people waiting by the concierge? Hotel staff can do so much by providing guests complimentary drinks or assisting them with their check-ins but there will always be a waiting period before they can get to their rooms, no matter how short or long it is. 

Adding music to the mix, this can provide as a distraction and a sort of illusion to make your guests feel like time is flowing faster – which means that they won’t think they’re waiting for too long. Before they know it, they’re already checking in! Before adding music to your spaces, you always have to keep in mind the theme of your hotel and the type of space you’ll be playing the music at. Upbeat music should be played on spaces meant to wake up and energize people and soft music should be played at spaces that are meant to relax your guests. 

Placing the wrong music at the wrong space might give your hotel more negative feedback than positive ones. How then would you be able to determine which music would be the perfect fit for your spaces? 

Play Hotel Music has a wide range of music and artist you can choose from. You can have access to about 850,000 tracks and 5,000 artists from all over the world. We also have direct licensing with our artists so you only have to pay us once and we’ll take care of the rest, so no more PRO fees to worry about! 


Our AI-based system keeps your music updated so expect your songs to always be up-to-date. Since Play Hotel Music is completely web-based, you can log in to your account wherever you are. We also monitor our system 24/7 so before a problem occurs, we’re already taking care of it. 

With all these benefits, you might think that our services might be too expensive for you. Depending on your hotel needs, our packages are really affordable.


Check the links below to try out our demo and to find out more details about our service. 



 You can also contact us at customer@playhotelmusic.com. 


Find Out Contemporary Vs. Classical Music

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