A Hotelier’s Christmas Holiday Guide

It’s never too early to prepare and transform your hotel into a festive space for your guests. Here’s a quick guide and a few tips to make your hotel a place to celebrate a jolly Christmas! 

Christmas Holiday Special Packages


Curate a package specifically for this holiday with inclusions they can only experience during this season. This could include Christmas-themed meals and complimentary gingerbread cookies or even a free photo op with the hotel’s Santa for your kids! 



One of the most important things to set up in your hotel for your guests to immediately feel the holiday spirit. It’s important to set these up at the start of December so you can start to create the overall holiday ambiance to your hotel. You can also place small decorations or garlands in guest’s hotel rooms so the festivity won’t stop in the lobby. 

Holiday Drinks


Extend the holiday spirit to your bar and restaurant by adding special drinks, such as Eggnog, to your menu. These staple drinks would add flair to your hotel and can be one of your special offers which you can promote in your website. 

Festive Music


One of the most important factors in setting up a holiday-themed ambiance for your hotel is the music. With all the decorations and special changes in your hotel, it wouldn’t be complete without the classic Christmas songs. However, you should always keep in mind that holiday songs aren’t to be played 24/7. It’s best to add a few normal music into the mix to refresh your guest’s ears.  

Play Hotel Music can help provide a playlist that would create a festive vibe and help make your guests feel more at home in your hotel this coming holiday season. We’ve curated just the perfect playlist for any special occasions you have planned for your hotel.  

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