Importance of Knowing Your Hotel Music

As important as it is to know what kind of music to play for your hotel, you also have to know the appropriate time to play a certain song. You need to carefully plan out your playlist to keep the mood in your spaces consistent, but do keep in mind that there needs to be variation on your playlists to avoid making the guests feel bored or make the music sound too repetitive. This is to create an atmosphere in each space a place where guests would want to spend their time with, and not a place where they would avoid and make them want to be inside their room all day.  

For example, in the lobby, it is best to play a soft and relaxing music in the morning when welcoming guests to refrain from making them feel too uncomfortable with loud and intrusive music. 

mar-ko-pQ5hSOrkYgE-unsplash.jpg [PHM SAMPLE MUSIC]: Music In The Garden – Lenny Marcus


However, you can start playing music that’s a bit upbeat when welcoming guests in the afternoon to create an ambiance where guests could liven up and not feel too exhausted from their trip. With a faster and upbeat music, this would make them feel like time is moving faster when they’re checking in.  

ali-yahya-Uhs7bhALLeM-unsplash.jpg[PHM SAMPLE MUSIC]: Upbeat Fusion Jazz – Various Artists

This can also apply to when you are celebrating special occasions in your hotel such as the Christmas holidays. Always be aware of the current season. This will serve as your guide for your choice of music. Apart from your staple Christmas songs, you should also put in a variety of music in the mix. Again, this is also to avoid having a monotonous ambiance in your spaces. 

Play Hotel Music has already prepared playlists for your spaces. You can easily customize your own playlist and even mix and match music for each of your spaces. Our AI-based system makes using our player easier and more convenient and we are also keeping our music up to date giving you and your guest the best hotel music experience. 

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