Music Curation For Hotels

Music plays an important role in our day to day lives. It can turn a dull and monotonous moment into one of the most interesting parts of your day. Depending on the genre, music can affect your mood in different ways. Listening to a happy and upbeat song may lift your mood while listening to mellow music may turn you sentimental.

Ever wondered how music can affect the mood of your guests? Having the right playlist for your spaces can help make their stay in your hotel memorable!

Finding the perfect music for your hotel’s spaces can affect the mood of your guests. For example, if you have a boutique-styled lobby then a contemporary jazz and elegant classical music would best suit this area so your guest can feel the full effect of their hotel experience.

If your hotel has a modern themed restaurant, then a contemporary jazz and modern lounge would be the perfect fit for this space!


Or if your hotel has a casual restaurant, then we’d recommend you a calm classical, breezy latin, and pop rock music.


But that’s not all!

There are seasonal celebrations that require a certain type of music for your spaces. Take Christmas as an example; having a modern or classical music will not fit the overall atmosphere of your hotel and may not make the guests feel the Christmas season even with all the Christmas decorations. Instead, playing a light Christmas pop mixed with christmassy jazz will put them in a festive mood.

Let Play Hotel Music help you choose the right playlist for your hotel.  Our AI-based curated music can match the right music depending on the style and space of your hotel. It can create a custom playlist to exactly complement each room to give the perfect ambiance for your guests.

It also automatically updates the schedule of your playlist according to the time of the day and day of the week so you don’t have to manually fix or update your playlist everyday, making it more convenient and time-saving.

Selecting the perfect playlist has never been easier with PHM’s AI-based curated music! With just a simple click, it chooses the perfect music to set up in your hotel!

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PHM Music System Requirements

There’s no need for a complicated sound system. With Play Hotel Music, there are only two simple ways for set-up:

Individual Space Broadcasting System & Central Broadcasting System

If you want an Individual Space Broadcasting System set-up, you will only be needing three things:

  • Laptop/Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Amplifier/Speaker

If you have four different spaces in your hotel, then you will be needing four different set-ups on each room for this system. For example, one set-up would be placed in your café then another for your lobby.

The music from PHM’s system then will be amplified through the speakers in the individual spaces in your hotel to create the perfect atmosphere for each space.

See photo below for an example of the set-up.Individual.PNG

(The Individual Space Broadcasting System)

If you prefer to have one system for all of your spaces, then the Central Broadcasting System might be the perfect set-up for you.

What you need will be the following:

  • Laptop/Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Amplifier/Speaker
  • Mixer

For this system, you will also be needing different computers for each space of your hotel but you can set-up all of your computers for all spaces in one room.

Each computer for your space will then be connected to a mixer. This mixer will play the music in the connected speaker of your space so make sure to plug the right computer to the correct input on the mixer. Computer one should be plugged to mixer one, computer two to mixer two, etc.

If there is only one monitor available for all your spaces, then you can connect all of your computers to a monitor switch which is then connected to a central monitor.

With this, you can use a remote control to switch the stations on your monitor. If you click the station one on your remote, the screen from computer one will show up on your monitor, if you click station two, then the screen from computer two appear on your monitor and so forth.

See photo below for an example of the set-up.


(The Central Broadcasting System)

Both systems are very easy and simple to use!

We highly recommend using different computers for different spaces because if a problem occurs on your computer that you use for all spaces to play music, it might affect the entire hotel.

B. How to Login

Let Play Hotel Music give you the best music experience for all your spaces with our web-based system. There’s no complicated mechanics when you get started with us as there are only 4 easy steps to set-up your PHM account:

1. Open your Google Chrome to get started!

2. Go to then click the Sign Up button on the top right of the webpage.



3. Next, a sign up window will appear asking for your user ID and password.


4. Enter your user ID and password. Make sure that the password you use for logging in is your admin password to access the admin features. This will then lead you to another window that will require you to re-enter your admin password.


Having an admin account means you have access to added features of the music system:

  • You’ll be able to control the playlist for different spaces without having to log out of your account.
  • You can manage schedules of different spaces playing from other devices.
  • You can also force stop music playing from other devices.

Then you’re done! Now you can start managing your account and begin making your playlist for your spaces.

What is Admin Sign In?


G. How to Make your Playlist and Change the Schedule

Now that you’ve created your account, it’s time to make a playlist for your spaces and schedule these so your guests can enjoy your hotel’s full ambiance!

Creating Your Playlist

1. After logging into you account, you can now choose a style for your space.

2. Simply click the add button for this.



3. It will then show you a set of spaces that you can choose from.



4. Select “Add” once you’ve chosen your space.

5. Say you choose the “Café” space. This will take you to all available playlist for different spaces of your hotel. You can hover your cursor to see the type of music on each playlists.



6. Select your desired playlist by clicking “Done.”

7. This will now be automatically added to your playlist section.



Scheduling Your Playlists

1. When you click on the “Next” button in your playlist, a manual window will pop-up. You can click on the skip button. If you want to go back to the manual, you can click on the red question mark button on the lower right of the page.



2. You’ll notice that your playlist has already been scheduled!



3. You can change the schedule by selecting the “Edit” button on the Schedule tab.



4. If you click on the “This Week Only”, your playlist will only be scheduled for one week. It will go back to its original scheduling after. This is helpful most especially if there’s a special event in your hotel such as Valentine’s or Christmas.