Importance of Knowing Your Hotel Music

As important as it is to know what kind of music to play for your hotel, you also have to know the appropriate time to play a certain song. You need to carefully plan out your playlist to keep the mood in your spaces consistent, but do keep in mind that there needs to be variation on your playlists to avoid making the guests feel bored or make the music sound too repetitive. This is to create an atmosphere in each space a place where guests would want to spend their time with, and not a place where they would avoid and make them want to be inside their room all day.  

For example, in the lobby, it is best to play a soft and relaxing music in the morning when welcoming guests to refrain from making them feel too uncomfortable with loud and intrusive music. 

mar-ko-pQ5hSOrkYgE-unsplash.jpg [PHM SAMPLE MUSIC]: Music In The Garden – Lenny Marcus


However, you can start playing music that’s a bit upbeat when welcoming guests in the afternoon to create an ambiance where guests could liven up and not feel too exhausted from their trip. With a faster and upbeat music, this would make them feel like time is moving faster when they’re checking in.  

ali-yahya-Uhs7bhALLeM-unsplash.jpg[PHM SAMPLE MUSIC]: Upbeat Fusion Jazz – Various Artists

This can also apply to when you are celebrating special occasions in your hotel such as the Christmas holidays. Always be aware of the current season. This will serve as your guide for your choice of music. Apart from your staple Christmas songs, you should also put in a variety of music in the mix. Again, this is also to avoid having a monotonous ambiance in your spaces. 

Play Hotel Music has already prepared playlists for your spaces. You can easily customize your own playlist and even mix and match music for each of your spaces. Our AI-based system makes using our player easier and more convenient and we are also keeping our music up to date giving you and your guest the best hotel music experience. 

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Why Play Hotel Music

Music is a huge part of life. Everywhere we go, there is music playing somewhere in the background, or a person listening from their earphones. Even the simple sound of traffic can be considered as music. So, its not surprising that music is also an important part of a hotel. You might think that this isn’t really an important feature and more of an after-thought however, music can help set the tone of the atmosphere. Depending on the space, your guests might feel uncomfortable if it’s too quiet. You would want them to feel welcomed and relaxed the moment they step through your doors. 

How can music make them comfortable when a concierge or a hotel staff can take care of them, you might ask. Yes, this can also help your guests settle down but what if there’s a long line of people waiting by the concierge? Hotel staff can do so much by providing guests complimentary drinks or assisting them with their check-ins but there will always be a waiting period before they can get to their rooms, no matter how short or long it is. 

Adding music to the mix, this can provide as a distraction and a sort of illusion to make your guests feel like time is flowing faster – which means that they won’t think they’re waiting for too long. Before they know it, they’re already checking in! Before adding music to your spaces, you always have to keep in mind the theme of your hotel and the type of space you’ll be playing the music at. Upbeat music should be played on spaces meant to wake up and energize people and soft music should be played at spaces that are meant to relax your guests. 

Placing the wrong music at the wrong space might give your hotel more negative feedback than positive ones. How then would you be able to determine which music would be the perfect fit for your spaces? 

Play Hotel Music has a wide range of music and artist you can choose from. You can have access to about 850,000 tracks and 5,000 artists from all over the world. We also have direct licensing with our artists so you only have to pay us once and we’ll take care of the rest, so no more PRO fees to worry about! 


Our AI-based system keeps your music updated so expect your songs to always be up-to-date. Since Play Hotel Music is completely web-based, you can log in to your account wherever you are. We also monitor our system 24/7 so before a problem occurs, we’re already taking care of it. 

With all these benefits, you might think that our services might be too expensive for you. Depending on your hotel needs, our packages are really affordable.


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A. Introduction

PHM Executive Summary.png

1) What is PHM?

PHM is a music streaming service that plays a selection of professionally curated music to befit each hotel brand and space concept.


2) Why use PHM?

PHM makes playing music for multiple spaces easy with an intuitive UI that anyone can operate. PHM features a comprehensive library of 100 music channels, each of which contains approximately 200 tracks. Every track has been precisely selected by professional musicians based on the genre, tempo, theme and channels are updated on a weekly basis.


3) How does PHM work?

Simply select the space and the style of music you want to play, and PHM will automatically set up a schedule of customized or AI-selected channels. From here, you can add new channels and change the schedule of each channel as needed. Also, you can broadcast announcements such as welcome greetings and promotion messages with PHM’s pre-recorded announcements or add your own announcements into PHM.

Each space within the hotel can be controlled individually with a user account while the music and announcements of all spaces can be managed by an ADMIN account as well.


4) Copyright


PHM has music licensing relationships with more than 5,300 artists and music labels worldwide. PHM’s license includes streaming rights and performance rights worldwide, and is a license for commercial use. Therefore, you do not have to pay a separate copyright fee to worldwide copyright associations (ASCAP, BUMA, etc.)

B. Music and Curation


PHM consists of classical, jazz, new age, pop, electronic, seasonal and world music genres, each of which is made up of sub-genres. Each sub-genre is categorized into fast, medium and slow speeds. And sub-genres are also divided according to the presence or absence of lyrics.

[PHM’s Channel List]
Collection of Music for an outdoor Garden in the Morning

Channel Description
Classic Piano Collection of Classic Piano Music
Light Classic Collection of Light Classical Music
Relaxed Classic Collection of Relaxed Classical Music
Light Newage Collection of Light New Age Music
Relaxed Newage Collection of Relaxed New Age Music
Light Jazz Collection of Fast tempo Jazz Music
Relaxed Jazz Collection of Relaxed Jazz Music
Fusion Jazz Collection of Fusion Jazz Music
Latin Jazz Collection of Latin-Style Jazz Music
Pop Rock Collection of Pop-Rock Music
RnB Collection of RnB-Pop Music
Acoustic Pop Collection of Acoustic Pop Music
Blues Collection of Country & Blues Pop
Pop Dance Collection of Exciting Pop Dance Music
Soft Electronic Collection of Soft Electronic Music
Hard Electronic Collection of Exciting Electronic Sound
Electronic Lounge Collection of Lounge Electronic Music
Nature Sound Sounds from Nature
Uptempo Kids Collection of Light Music for Children
Midtempo Kids Collection of Relaxed Music for Children
Romantic Valentine Lovely and Romantic Music
Light Chirstmas Pop Exciting Christmas Music
Relaxed Chirstmas Pop Relaxed Christmas Music
Light Chirstmas Jazz Cheerful Christmas Jazz Instrumentals
Relaxed Chirstmas Jazz Soft Christmas Jazz Instrumentals
World Collection of World Music
Chinese Collection of Chinese Music
Japanese Collection of Japanese Music
French Collection of French Music
Italian Collection of Italian Music
Rainy Day Music for a Rainy day
Summer Special Cool & Vibrant Summer Collection
Autumn Essential Breezy Autumn Collection
Winter is Coming Cozy Warm Winter Collection
Sunshine Wave Bright & Cheerful for Sunny Days
Contemporary Contemporary Music for a Modern Interior
Gentle Collection of Warm & Soft Music
Calming Soothing Music
Elegant Graceful and Elegant Music
Nature Comfortable Music for a Nature Inspired Interior
Focus Music Collection for Concentration
Lounge Night Music Collection for an Alluring Evening
Breezy Music Collection for Breezy Outdoors
Breezy Night Music Collection for Breezy Outdoors at Night
Luxurious Classy Music for Luxurious Venues
Luxurious Night Classy Music for Luxurious Venues at Night
Relaxing Calming Music for Relaxation
Relaxing Night Calming Music for Relaxation at Night
Fresh Morning Bright Music for a Refreshing Morning
Active Night Light Music for an Active Evening
Infinite Pool Upbeat Music for the Poolside
Energetic Powerful and Upbeat Electronic Music
Trendy Stylish Pop Collection
Modern Sensual Modern Style Music
Cosy Calm and Sophisticated Music for Comfortable Venues
Peaceful Comfortable Simple Melodies
Peaceful Evening Simple Melodies for the Evening
Tranquil Calm Atmospheric Music
Floral Collection of Music for an Outdoor Garden
Floral Morning Collection of Music for an outdoor Garden in the Morning
Soft Evening Acoustic Music for Evening Relaxation
Sweet Music for a Romantic Atmosphere
Calm Night Quiet and Tranquil Music for the Night
Smooth Night Soft Music for Night
Chic Sophisticated Urban Music
Happy & Bright Bright Music for a Family Atmosphere
Forest Tranquil Music for a Green Environment
Outdoor Light Music for Suitable for Outdoor Activities
Wedding Luxurious Classical Music for Celebrations
Uptempo Parking Lot Light Music for the Parking Lot
Midtempo Parking Lot Calm Music for the Parking Lot
Nature Classic Beautiful Mix of Nature Sounds and Classical Music

C. Positive Effect of Hotel Music

1) Brand

Music has powerfully positive psychological and sociological effects. Hotel music services can help hotels gain a competitive edge in the market by using music as an expression of brand identity and method of brand differentiation. PHM‘s professional music curators carefully select music to suit the hotel’s style, as well as the space and time the music is played, in order to create a unique brand identity for each hotel.


2) Productivity

Music is an emotionally and environmentally important factor for guests as well as employees who share the same space. For employees, music can play an important role in reducing tension and fatigue. And naturally, employee productivity can be improved.


3) Guests

Music can influence interactions to be more positive, give the perception of shorter wait times and improve customer satisfaction. PHM’s appropriate selection of calming background music can facilitate positive interactions between customer and staff and help shorten customers’ perception of latency while waiting for service. Because music has a direct influence on people’s emotions, PHM conducts constant research on music selection that can maximize pleasure for customers.