Importance of Knowing Your Hotel Music

As important as it is to know what kind of music to play for your hotel, you also have to know the appropriate time to play a certain song. You need to carefully plan out your playlist to keep the mood in your spaces consistent, but do keep in mind that there needs to be variation on your playlists to avoid making the guests feel bored or make the music sound too repetitive. This is to create an atmosphere in each space a place where guests would want to spend their time with, and not a place where they would avoid and make them want to be inside their room all day.  

For example, in the lobby, it is best to play a soft and relaxing music in the morning when welcoming guests to refrain from making them feel too uncomfortable with loud and intrusive music. 

mar-ko-pQ5hSOrkYgE-unsplash.jpg [PHM SAMPLE MUSIC]: Music In The Garden – Lenny Marcus


However, you can start playing music that’s a bit upbeat when welcoming guests in the afternoon to create an ambiance where guests could liven up and not feel too exhausted from their trip. With a faster and upbeat music, this would make them feel like time is moving faster when they’re checking in.  

ali-yahya-Uhs7bhALLeM-unsplash.jpg[PHM SAMPLE MUSIC]: Upbeat Fusion Jazz – Various Artists

This can also apply to when you are celebrating special occasions in your hotel such as the Christmas holidays. Always be aware of the current season. This will serve as your guide for your choice of music. Apart from your staple Christmas songs, you should also put in a variety of music in the mix. Again, this is also to avoid having a monotonous ambiance in your spaces. 

Play Hotel Music has already prepared playlists for your spaces. You can easily customize your own playlist and even mix and match music for each of your spaces. Our AI-based system makes using our player easier and more convenient and we are also keeping our music up to date giving you and your guest the best hotel music experience. 

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A Rainy Playlist

Thinking of a playlist you can use for the rainy season can be quite tricky as you don’t want your music to make your guests feel too sleepy. You would want them to enjoy the ambiance of your hotel despite the gloomy weather outside.

Relaxing music would be ideal for the ambiance you want to set and we’ve curated just the right playlist for this.

Here are 5 tracks you can check out for your next playlist!



I Hear You by David Hill


A casual and modern music you can play to welcome your guests into the lobby. It’s calm enough to ease the tension your guests might feel from their commute to your hotel, but not too quite to make the atmosphere dark and dreary.



Music in the Garden by Lenny Marcus


This light music can be used for your hallway to accompany your guests as they journey across your lobby to their room. A classical sound with a modern twist, this song is moderate enough but has the right amount of flair to energize your guests.



Autumn Blue by Randy Jones


You can create a calm ambiance for one of the most crowded space in your hotel with this music. It’s soft and subtle, but not loud enough to cause any disturbance or distraction.



Upbeat Fusion Jazz by Various Artists


This music can also be used for your lobby for a more energetic ambiance against the weather. The song is not too modern pop that guests might not be able to relax, but its just enough to keep them on their toes while enjoying the music.



Arabesque by Claude de Bussy


This music can be played in any space that your guests can relax to. This song is the perfect background music for guests who would prefer to enjoy a quite day at your hotel.

For more demo music, click here.


Play Hotel Music has created a variety of playlist that would fit the current weather outside, theme of your spaces, special occasions or events, and holidays for your hotel. Setting up the right ambiance for your guests is as important as ensuring the level of trust and comfort they have with your staff and hotel.

One of the most effective way to get a positive impact and a lasting impression is by using the right music.

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Find Out The Importance of Hotel Music

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A Journey To Your Hotel Stay with PHM

You enter the hotel, exhausted from your long and stressful commute. You get ready to check in, and the first thing you notice is the relaxing sound in the lobby which is slowly calming you down despite the long line to the reception’s desk.  

yann-maignan-376943-unsplash.jpgPHM Sample Music

Time goes by faster and you finally get the keys to your room. You move from the lobby down to the elevators to get to your floor. You find that you don’t mind being in a small space with other people and not find it as awkward especially when there’s music filling up the empty space.  

daan-stevens-549933-unsplash.jpgPHM Sample Music

Finally arriving at your floor, you go to your room to deposit your luggage. You notice that your body is aching from the trip and from carrying your bags so you decide to head towards the spa in your hotel. Immediately, you can feel yourself loosening up as you’re guided to an area where you’ll be getting your much-deserved massage.  

accommodation-beach-bed-1531672.jpgPHM Sample Music

Waking up from the quick nap during your massage, you decide that it was time for you to get your first proper meal for the day. Luckily, you don’t have to scour around the area in search of fast foods or restaurants as your hotel already has one. 

An usher assists you to your seat and a waiter hands you the menu. You make a decision before ordering and waiting for your food. You get distracted by the overall vibe of the restaurant and began tapping your fingers to the restaurant’s music. 

jason-leung-537357-unsplash.jpg PHM Sample Music

Your food arrives and you take your time to eat as you don’t feel the need to rush your meal. After paying and leaving a big tip, you decide to visit the hotel’s garden and walk around for a little while just to get your evening meal down. 

You see a few people strolling around the garden and you even start up a few conversations with people who are quietly lounging there. 

peter-mason-433164-unsplash.jpg PHM Sample Music

You then decide that it was time for you to get some rest so you can get ready for your conference meeting tomorrow. You exit the garden and take the elevator again – reaching up to your floor, you notice that you’ve been more at ease compared to when you first arrived and expected that you’ll directly head to your room and just sleep but you managed to find time to enjoy your stay before tomorrow gets busy. 

You retire to your room, looking forward to the next day, already feeling energized. 

Let Play Hotel Music take you on a journey and make your hotel experience more enjoyable. We’ve curated just the right music for all of your spaces so you can create the perfect atmosphere for all of your guests so that they can appreciate every room of your hotel. 

PHM also provides an easy to use system where all you have to do is to simply log in with your ID and you’re all set! 

You can read more here about how to set-up your account and how you can edit your playlist. 

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Hotels For Music Lovers

Travelling and music go hand in hand.  When you go on a vacation, music gives you a better overall experience. It creates the perfect mood and makes every second of the journey enjoyable.  

Discovering new music is as thrilling as finding the perfect hotel for your travelling needs. Nothing says a great stay for your guest like good accommodation and great music. What if you combined the two and created a music-themed hotel?  

This would become the perfect place for someone who is in love with both the arts and travelling.  

Music is loved by everyone of all ages, and being in this kind of hotel can be a new and exciting experience for both you and your family. 

Let’s look at five music-themed hotels you can stay at for your next travels:  


1. Hard Rock Riviera Maya 


If you’re looking for a full musical hotel experience, then Hard Rock Riviera Maya located at Yucatan, Mexico is the perfect place for you. Hard Rock is a mix of hospitality and museum all rolled into one hotel! Guests can even rent the available musical instruments at the hotel for a surprise jamming session with family and friends. You’ll surely feel like a rock star at this hotel. 

There’s even a DJing equipment for all aspiring and professional DJs to mess around and convert the place into a fun party. 

If you want to experience the luxury that is Hard Rock, then you can head on to Heaven, an adult-only exclusive place with a private beach and amenities beyond your imagination. 


2. Hotel Max


A hipster hive for all indie-loving people, Seattle’s Hotel Max would be the best place to indulge yourself with fine arts and music.  

They have different rooms depending on your travel needs, whether you’re alone or with your family. Something to look forward to is that they have accessible guest rooms for travelers with hearing, vision, or mobility needs. 

Hotel Max has a floor dedicated to Sub Pop Records, a company that manages artists such as Iron & Wine, Beach House, Wolf Parade, and many more. The rooms in this floor has a collection of updated vinyl from the record label and a player wherein you can use anytime. 

It also features black and white photographs by Charles Peterson, who is well known for his work with Sub Pop Records, on the guest doors. 

This truly is a haven for people in the indie scene. 


3. nhow Berlin Hotel 


Music unites people and this hotel provides just the place for it. Located in Berlin, nhow hotel has a special platform for bands and musicians to perform every night so you don’t have to worry about scouting the area to find a local concert that you can enjoy. The best part about it is that entrance fee is free every first Saturdays of the month. 

Not only is this a hub for music lovers, but also for people who are interested in arts and fashion. There are exhibits, fashion shows, product presentations and even seminars. If you’re recently lacking inspiration and creativity in life then this hotel will definitely paint your mind colorful. 

The best news for music lovers is that they have a special room service where they deliver music instruments free of charge. Who knows? You might be rewriting history and making the next hit song! 


4. Backstage: Amsterdam Hotel 


Discover the latest on the music scene at Backstage, where most well-known venues and bars are only a few minutes walk away. Major museums are also near this hotel so if you’re also a fan of the arts then this is a major plus! 

Backstage hotel offers a unique design for the bedrooms as it looks exactly like the backstage of a concert venue. Wanting to play your own music at the hotel? Well you’re in luck as one of the unique amenities of this hotel is that you can borrow and play the guitar at the bar. If this isn’t your cup of tea then you can borrow a Bluetooth connecting v-soundbox at the lobby to control the mood and play your own music. 


5. Sunset Marquis


Home of the Rock and Roll history of music, Sunset Marquis is the place to be for an avid music fan like the you. This hotel housed musicians like Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon, The Killers, and many more for over fifty years, and is now paying homage with its Live@SunsetMarquis every summer. This is where they play and discover new artists as a way of support for the entertainment industry that has also provided them support through the years. 

Sunset Marquis is where you can find living legends such as Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, relaxing and enjoying his downtime. It has also provided a home for several artists that had been inspired to write record-breaking and chart-topping songs from artists such as John Elton and Rihanna. 

You can now live life through these musicians’ eyes at this hotel. 



Let us help make your hotel become a musical haven for your guests with our various selection of music from classical to jazz, and modern. With Play Hotel Music, you can transform your hotel into a musical sanctuary that can be enjoyed by guests from all places and ages. 

We’ve already got the right playlist for your hotel. All you have to do is click. 

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Find Out More About Parking Lot Music And Why It’s Important

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Parking Lot Music: The Unsung Hero Of Hotel Spaces

When you walk inside the hotel the first thing you’ll notice is the lobby and the reception area. This is where your guests will get their first impression of the hotel, whether it’s modern or classical themed, or a casual one.

As any hotel goer, they’ll have expectations from the hotel, and it’s the hotel’s job to provide the guests needs the best that they can. 

When they want to get a massage, the guests can go to the spa or if they want to exercise, they automatically think of the gym. Every space in the hotel serves a purpose.

Including the parking lot.  

It’s convenient if the hotel offers a parking space for your car so you don’t have to worry about whether you should bring one or not. It’s easy to forget this space as guests don’t spend as much time here compared to other areas such as the bar, restaurant, or hotel room. However, you should never forget that the parking lot is still part of it. 

You can make it as warm and welcoming as your lobby with the right music so your guests wouldn’t be able to feel like they left the carpeted floors of your hotel. 

Being in a parking lot alone can be nerve-wracking for some people. Having music  can help distract your guests and a quiet, classical music is ideal for this space to help calm them down.  


PHM Sample Music


As stated in an article by Jane Collingwood, classical music has “a beneficial effect on our physiological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones.” 

This will surely help soothe your guests from the get go.

Parking lots are one of the most overlooked spaces in the hotels but it serves a purpose beyond housing cars for your guests. Before they can even get to the lobby, they will have to go through this space. So it’s important to make your guests feel welcomed  and  guarantee to have the best hotel experience from the moment they step outside their car.

We’ve been in the hotel and music business for several years and we’ve got the perfect music for your spaces, especially your parking lots. Let Play Hotel Music help your guests feel calm and safe inside your hotel’s parking lot with our playlist! 

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Find Out How Outdoor Music Is More Than Just A Garden Music

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Outdoor Hotel Music: More Than Just Garden Music

Hotels have various spaces that you can explore – from the lounge area to the bar, and even the swimming pool. Depending on your agenda for the day, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. With the hustle and bustle of your busy city life, enjoying natures best at your hotel’s garden is a good way to unwind and relax 

Spending time with nature can have a lot of positive effects to your body such as improving your health and immunity, and it can even decrease your stress.Even just a little bit of fresh air can do wonders for your body. Simply having a walk or a picnic in the garden can have a good impact to your body.

What will happen then if we add a little music in the mix? We’ve discussed here before how music can affect a listener depending on the genre they are listening to.

Now think about how you’re strolling across your hotel’s garden one afternoon paired with calming music. Not only will you be able to enjoy the scenic view, but you’ll also be able to give your body the rest that it needs! 

This is also one way to let yourself stop concentrating on your phone to check your social media accounts and take this as an opportunity to slow down and reconnect yourself with people. It could be hard and awkward at first but with the right mood and music, it can be easy. 

Music in the garden is important as it helps set the right mood for this space. It may go unnoticed or become an afterthought, but outdoor music can have a positive impact. Having music outdoors can encourage interaction between people – making new friends and building connections. 

Garden music is usually gentle and soothing. This will help build a light and peaceful atmosphere which will make your guests enjoy and appreciate the view. 

Here are 4 songs from PHM’s Outdoor Garden Playlist that can play for your garden space: 

1. Arabesque by Claude Debussy


2. Music In The Garden by Lenny Marcus

music in the garden.jpg

3. Autumn Blue by Randy Jones


4. Schumann – Carnaval op.9, Reconnaissance by Claudio Giovann Colombo


Your garden space is as important as all your other spaces as it is an extension of your hotel. Having music in your garden can help your guests feel more relaxed as they stroll outside to enjoy fresh air and meet new people. This can also provide as a temporary niche and escape from their busy lives. 

Let Play Hotel Music provide a calming mood for your garden space with our curated music. Let us help you create an environment where not only your guests can relax but also be a way for them to create new friendships and memories. We can help your guest have an unforgettable getaway at your hotel with our playlist that can match all spaces including your garden. 

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Find Out Why Elevator Music Matters

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Elevator Music: Why Does It Matter

Elevators have been a convenient mode of transportation, most especially if you’re rushing to go to a certain part of the building you’re in. Although helpful, going into a small closed space might make you feel anxious and even bored, more so if it’s with someone you don’t know. Even if it’s only for a few minutes or even seconds, you’d find anything to distract yourself until you’ve stepped into an open area again. 

Cue in elevator music. It may have come unnoticed but elevator music has helped people distract themselves and fill out the empty quiet space. 

Elevator music has been used for a long, long time. It was first introduced between 1930-1940 when elevators have already been functioning smoothly and people had mostly gotten over their initial fear of it. It was included in lifts more to help the people pass time while they waited to arrive at their floors. 

The music is played gently to relax your guests and may often have a repetitive tune as this will effectively divert your guests and make them think that not enough time has passed inside the lift. 


PHM’s Music


However, with the modern set-up today, you’d often find people with earphones and listening to their own music so you might be wondering why and how is elevator music still relevant? 

Just imagine, someone who’s rushing to go to a meeting with clients at your hotel or someone who wanted to catch the morning buffet. Using the stairs would prove to be difficult and too time consuming if they’re in the 15th floor and they needed to get to the lobby area fast so the only option left for them is to use the elevator. As they’re already in a rush, they’ll become quite impatient. This will just grow and might even stress them enough especially when they think that the elevator is too slow and quiet.  

With music in the elevator, your guests would be able to distract themselves enough with calm music and be able to pass time more quickly. Before they know it, they’ve already arrived at their destination! 

Whether people may realize it or not, elevator music introduces a sense of comfort to the rather uncomfortable act of getting into a very enclosed space. This helps guests to veer away from their boredom and any awkward tension from strangers who are inside the elevator as well. Elevator music is something that hotel owners may forget about, but it has a huge effect on the guests overall experience.

Your services should extend to all parts of your hotel’s spaces so having elevator music is essential to keep your guests satisfied. 

Play Hotel Music offers a wide variety of playlists and we have the just the right tracks to keep your guests happy and entertained wherever they go. 

Check the links below to try out our demo and to find out more details about our service.


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Find Out The Best Summer Music

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Summer Music

Planning a summer getaway with your friends or family can be quite exciting and fun, especially if you can’t wait to hit the beach to finally relax and be away from your busy city life. However, a vacation isn’t complete if you don’t have the right music to match your mood! 

If you’re thinking of searching for the perfect music to start your summer right, then here are 3 tracks from Play Hotel Music’s playlist that you could add to your own:


1.  Start your early mornings with this track on your vacation! This will surely keep your mood up and happy.

Luke Brindley – House Of Love 

This music can be found in our Casual Lobby playlist. This will definitely fit your space’s ambiance if you’re going for a more relaxed and modern type atmosphere. It will make the people around you have a more lighter mood compared to playing louder and brighter music.


2. Going to the beach on the afternoon? Let this upbeat music set the mood for you and your friends for a fun time!

Ne-Yo ft. Bebe Rehxa & Stefflon Don – Push Back 

This track is included in our Fitness Center/Gym playlist. If you want your space to have a fun and energized atmosphere then this upbeat music is the right fit for your spaces!


3. Have a calm and chill evening with this track!

Beat Syndrome – Cages & Souls 

You can find this track in our Indoor Pool playlist. If you plan to have a peaceful ambiance but at the same time, keep the whole space casual then this is the perfect music for your space. It’s calm enough to relax your guests and dull the lingering energy but not enough to make them fall asleep!

Click here if you wanna hear more!

Having the right kind of music in your playlist will surely set the perfect mood for you, especially this summer! PHM offers different kinds of music to set off the perfect vibe for all of your spaces. How?  

With several years of experience in hotel and music industry, Play Hotel Music has curated music that will cater to the needs of your spaces to match your hotel’s theme and ambiance. 

Now you don’t have to worry about which music to add to your set because we’ve already taken care of it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your hotel’s music! 

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Find Out How Music Can Influence a Person’s Mood

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How Music Can Influence a Person’s Mood

Whether it’s subtle music in the background from the radio or a loud beat of the drums from your phone’s player, music has become a part of our daily lives. There isn’t a home where music isn’t present. It could be from the gentle humming of a bird or a cricket, or the nonsensical singing of a parent or sibling. 

It’s undeniable that music has an impact when it comes to our moods. When we are happy, we tend to listen to happy music or when we’re sad we listen to slow, ballad-y type of songs to help channel and process the amount of emotion we’re currently feeling. 

Now there’s a scientific explanation for that. 

A study in Journal of Consumer Research showed that people listen to sad music when they are experiencing deep emotional loss, comparing it to the likeness of someone who had just ended a relationship. The researchers had indicated sad music as a “substitute for the lost relationship.” 

This enables people who listen to sad music to feel like they’re not alone with what they’re going through. This could also act as a friend who can sympathize with their current situation. That’s why there are people who say that they don’t really understand the meaning of the song they’re currently listening to until they have been through what the artist was singing about. 

There has also been a study where people were told to “try to improve their mood” while listening to certain songs. The participants were required to listen to upbeat songs of Copeland versus Stravinsky’s melancholic songs and the people had only improved their moods when they listened to Copeland. 

Yuna Ferguson, the lead researcher who conducted the study said that, “happiness has been linked to better physical health, higher income, and greater relationship satisfaction” 

It is not then strange that whenever we listen to Pharrell Williams’ Happy, that we eventually do feel happy and lighter compared to when we’re feeling neutral or sad. People would often listen to upbeat songs whenever they feel sleepy or want to be energized, for example, when they go to the gym. It helps to keep them motivated with what they do compared to if they’re listening to slow music while exercising. They might think that their exercise routine might be taking too long and might give up by the end of it. 

It’s the same when people listen to bright and fast music whenever they’re dancing happily – opting for louder and upbeat ones for a lighter and more fun atmosphere like in parties and clubs as opposed to music that are meant for slow dancing. 

People can feel bouts of emotions while listening to a single song as it can trigger both happy and sad memories.  


You can take advantage of this musical phenomenon with the help of PHM. You can use music to help put your guests in a more relax and comfortable mood to ensure an experience that they will never forget. 

Play Hotel Music can reach out to your guests and make them feel happy and relaxed while staying at your hotel. With several years of experience in the music industry, we can help boost your guests’ mood with our carefully curated playlist in all of your hotel’s spaces. Our music can help your hotel have a positive impact with your guests so whenever they hear your playlist elsewhere then they will surely remember your hotel and their memorable stay there. 

Check the links below to try out our demo and to find out more details about our service.


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Find Out What Hotel Music Should and Shouldn’t Be Played

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What Hotel Music Should and Shouldn’t Be Played

Music is universal; it’s something that people all around the world enjoy.

Listening to music helps increase your productivity and improves your concentration – having more creative and out-of-the box ideas. It’s also been scientifically proven that music can affect a person’s mood, whether they listen to an upbeat sound, or a slower song. For example, rock music wouldn’t exactly fit a spa. Guests would just feel more tired than when they come in.

With this in mind, you should strategically think about the right music to play in your spaces. It’s not enough that you have a relaxing classical music or an upbeat jazz playing in the background. You should also consider the time of day, month, and season before hitting play.



This is the first thing that your guest will see and will set the tone for your hotel. Depending on the theme of your space, you

SHOULD play soothing music to welcome your guests. After all, this will act like your guests’ first impression to your hotel.

They might have come from a very stressful trip and they wouldn’t appreciate it if there’s music blasting in the lobby. If you have a resort themed lobby for example, then a contemporary classic or relaxing jazz would be the ideal background music. You;


SHOULDN’T play a trendy and upbeat song in the lobby as it might not fit your space’s atmosphere but at the same time, this type of music might not be able to help you guests feel relaxed and comfortable, most especially if they’re checking in the morning.


Guest Room


Now that your guests have checked in, they might want to stay in the room to unwind or immediately explore your hotel. Either way, you;

SHOULD play a peaceful new age if you have a resort-themed hotel or a gentle classical if you have a more modern-styled room. You can also grant the guests access to their very own speakers in their room so they can have full control of the music since the room will become their personal space for the duration of their stay. You;


SHOULDN’T play an energetic music as this the place where guests would relax after travelling to your hotel. It’s important to set the mood right for your guests to enjoy their stay.




Have your guests enjoy the finest cuisines that your restaurant offers with the right playlist! You;

SHOULD play music that would add to the overall experience of eating and not distracting enough for the guests to pay more attention to the music being played rather than the food. If you have a thematic restaurant such as a Japanese-styled one, then a smooth Japanese style music would be the perfect fit for this space. A great method is if you want your guests to order more is by playing slow music. This can make your guests move slowly, which means that they might eat at a leisured pace and might even order more food. You;


SHOULDN’T play music that is beyond your restaurant’s theme. This will only distract and confuse your guests.




Apart from their hotel room, this is another space where your guests can sit back and unwind from a long day’s worth of travelling or various meetings and conventions. You;

SHOULD play soothing music to keep the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. When they enter the spa, your guests should immediately feel relaxed and relieved even before they get their treatment so you;


SHOULDN’T play loud and upbeat music as this will certainly ruin the mood of the space and might even agitate the guests more.




You would want to keep your guests motivated and energized at this space. You;

SHOULD play an energetic and electronic music. This will immediately get your guests in the mood to work-out. The upbeat music will help boost their mood so you;


SHOULDN’T play any slow music as this might discourage them from exercising. This might even put them into a sleepy mood and might change their mind into using the gym.

You can click here for more sample music.

Having the right atmosphere is important if you want your guest to enjoy their full hotel experience. It’s not enough that you put your playlist on shuffle, you should always think about which songs would fit each of your spaces and how this will affect your guests.

Play Hotel Music can help set-up the right mood for your spaces with our perfectly curated playlist. We’ve have crafted playlists that will fit your spaces and themes of your hotel. How? It’s easy! Just sign up and get started with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Find Out Which Hotels Cater To Your Guests The Best

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