What Is Play Hotel Music? And Why Your Current System Is Outdated

Often the sound management is stuck within the IT room

How do you control the music in your lobby? What do you do when you walk through the hotel bar and the music is just not right?

Many background music systems are buried away in the IT department of the hotel to be turned on and forgotten about until the next monthly update. Many of these systems are even still using closed systems and require CD to be replaced for the music to be updated.

With these outdated systems managers usually have to call into the IT team for any change to occur (if changes are possible at all!). This barrier causes music to be just an afterthought and often something you just let be.

With over 7 years of experience providing background music services to brands across numerous industries such as cafes, clothing, gyms and more, we found that hotels require just that extra care to attention. Afterall, as a multivenue business your hotel will probably have more than just the lobby to think about.

PHM allows the manager to control and make changes to the music anywhere from any device

Learning from this we created Play Hotel Music to update your background music service. Play Hotel Music is completely web based. This means that any manager can log into their account from any device anywhere to make real time changes to the music that is playing in any space.

Our One Account Management system also allows you to have dedicated accounts and scheduling for every different space in your hotel, whilst also giving you management access for any quick updates or scheduling changes.

Play Hotel Music – A Tailored Hotel Music Streaming Service was created with all the needs of a hotel in mind.


Find a quick overview of our features below and be sure to check out the demo on our main page here

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Simple Copyright Management


Be Exempt From Public Performance Right Fees

-All our music is 100% copyright clear and exempt from public performance right fees

-No more fees to collection societies for playing music in a business

Simplify Your Workflow

-No more reporting to collection societies

-Simply enjoy the music cherry picked by our professional musicians

One Account Management


Unify Your Hotel Music Management Through One Account

-Manage the music, announcements, and scheduling through any account

-Log in from any device and control the music from any location

-Manager Accounts can control up to 9 spaces at once.

AI Music Curation


Discover Music Themes Powered By A.I.

-Themes are created using music cherry picked by our professional musicians

-A.I. developed based on our years of proven experience providing background music creates powerful and effective themes based on your hotel style and space.

-Themes will play differing music depending on the time, season, and weather



Easily Integrate Announcements Using The PHM Player

-Broadcast different announcements throughout the hotel

-Seamlessly schedule welcome messages in the lobby or promotions at the bar without the need of stopping the music  or switching to a different system

Multi Platform Support


Everything You Need Within Your Web Browser

-No need to download anything or buy specialist hardware simply connect any device and experience PHM anywhere

-PHM supports Windows, Mac, Android, etc.

-Demo available on our website playhotelmusic.com


Find out more about Play Hotel Music and why your current system is outdated


Visit our website for a demo

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