Christmas Themed Hotels

Want to celebrate the upcoming holidays on a unique hotel that both you and your family will enjoy? Check out these Christmas-themed hotels that will surely uplift your holiday spirit!


1. Santa’s Cottages Lakeside Resort 

sign-1000x480.jpg(Image Source: Santa’s Cottages Lakeside Resort)

This is a great place to spend the holidays with your family. It is a family owned-lakeside resort where you’ll feel a very warm welcome the moment you step inside their doors. There are even several kid-friendly activities for your children to do; from playgrounds to sandboxes and even a zipline! Instead of having to sit and wait until the children can open their presents, they can roam around the resort and play to their heart’s content.

There are also other attractions that your family might enjoy around the area such as Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari, Lincoln State Park and Christmas Lake Golf Course. You can even enjoy the evening making smores with your own fire pit.


2. The Inn at Christmas Place 

photos-outside-opt.jpg(Image Source: The Inn at Christmas Place)

Have your holidays in this winter wonderland! Good news for Christmas-enthusiasts as this inn celebrates Christmas year-round so you don’t have to wait to book their hotel. If you’re looking for an area to hang out at the inn, then there are several places for you to go; including both indoor and an outdoor pool. There is even a courtyard with a pond you can stroll around if you want a more relaxed activity. The Inn also has a fitness center so you can easily go about your exercise routine without any worries!

Free wi-fi is also provided but if you find yourself needing to do a bit of work over the holidays but forgot to bring your laptop, the Inn has its own business center. There are also season events to watch out for such as Christmas in July, Mountainfest, Thanksgiving Week, Winterfest, and many more. Make sure to check all these events before booking a room!


3. Fairmont Scottsdale Princess 

Retouched-SCP-Lagoon-rev1-proof1572651987.jpg(Image Source: Fairmont Scottsdale Princess)

Looking for a place to celebrate a luxurious holiday with your loved ones? Check out Fairmont Scottsdale Princess! Every winter, the hotel transforms into a holiday wonderland embellished with festive ornaments all around the hotel. They also offer special discounted packages this holiday season such as Family Moments Offer, Sip, Savor & Celebrate package, and Trees of Hope package.

You can experience a one of a kind holiday by doing a classic activity such as ice skating in the hotel’s own ice rink while watching the light show. There are even kid-friendly activities such as Build-A-Bear workshops, S’mores Land, and Santa’s Headquarters for you to try. There will never be a dull time spent here at this hotel.


4. St. Regis Aspen Hotel 

asexr-exterior-2073-hor-wide.jpg(Image Source: St. Regis Aspen Hotel)

You can now spend a White Christmas with your family at this hotel. You can opt with staying indoors to relax and watch the snow fall against your room’s windows or you can go out to have fun with your loved ones. St. Regis Aspen offers seasonal activities and for this winter, there are a handful of things you can do. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and ice skating to name just a few, but if you want to do something different, you can go dog sledding at Krabloonik Fine Dining & Dog Sledding where you can play games followed by a tour around the area with a guided dog sled through the Aspen wilderness or you can also enjoy a Winter Fly Fishing at the local streams.


5. Casa Da Montanha 

5619227.jpg(Image Source: Casa Da Montanha)

Ever wondered what it feels like to go inside Santa’s house? Book a suite at Casa Da Montanha to find out! This suite, which is only available from October to January, has been transformed to celebrate the upcoming Christmas festivities! The suite has its very own Christmas decorations and even a Christmas tree inside where you can place your presents. An electric fireplace is also provided, a sofa bed and balcony with view from the beautiful city of Gramado.


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