Hotel Music Vs. Regular Music


Music evokes different emotions for each listener. Depending on the genre they’re currently listening to, it can influence their mood and set their overall character for the day. Having an upbeat playlist to start your day might make you feel more energetic than listening to slower music.

Regular music from mainstream artists are readily available at any platforms across the internet. We may sometimes hear this from malls or local stores when we pass by to visit. Mainstream music is even found at your local cafes, bars, and restaurants. With paying the right PRO’s, you’ll be given access to hundreds of songs from a music library and be able to play these legally.

Mainstream music creates a casual vibe and can even encourage customers to stay at your store longer if they like your playlist.

Music serves a big purpose in any business as it can set the overall atmosphere for the customers. Choosing the right music depends on the theme of your store and what kind of ambiance you want to set for your customers; whether if it’s more of relaxed, casual or, classy, one has to always be careful before hitting the play button.

For example, you own a restaurant in a good location that has a rustic theme to it. Food made from the best chef in town with the most immaculate plating. You would expect your guests to enjoy and appreciate the atmosphere you’ve set up but if you played the wrong music, this will just confuse them and make your customers leave your establishment sooner.

The music you have will set the tone of your space so you need to always keep this in mind.

Now what if you have a hotel or managing one? What could be the best music for your spaces? Should you be playing songs from mainstream artists to be up-to-date?

Searching for the right playlist for your hotel sounds challenging as you have to be careful of what kind of ambiance you want to set for your guests as you want them to feel comfortable and at home in your space.

Play Hotel Music specifically made music for hotels to create an ambiance that you want to set for your hotel.

You can listen to our sample playlist here.


PHM’s music library consists of over 700,000 tracks and is always kept up-to-date. We also have an easy-to-use system which is completely web-based. This means that you can access PHM at any device to make real time changes to your playlists.


There’s also no need to worry about paying an additional fee to PRO’s as we have direct licensing to all our artists. This means that you can save $1,360 per year.

Play Hotel Music has tailored music for your hotel to create the perfect hotel experience.

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